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“Strength and growth come only
through continuous effort and struggle.


The Graduate Program is designed with you the new graduate in mind.
Continuing your study so that you feel the confidence you see in other practitioners.
Gaining CPE as well as friendships, structure and support as you return to work or start out. Founded in 2017 this course has gone from strength to strength!
We meet 24 times a year and you’ll have lectures recorded by Geraldine for you to watch before the Q & A on a Wednesday morning, when we go through your cases, lectures and your questions – that means 48 hours of lectures and support in your business!
You’ll have access to Geraldine in the exclusive Facebook group where you’ll get to remain even when you’ve finished the program!

Are you as busy as you want to be? Or feeling the pressure and overwhelm of working in practice alone and unsupported? You don’t feel the Graduate Program is for you as you want to focus on your current clients and ask some business questions as they arise, then the membership site is for you – Monthly webinars and Q&A hot-seat to get you focused and get the CPE you need through the year.

Enjoy a webinar once a month on various subjects or make a request during one of the weekly sessions… Yes, every Monday* morning in the Membership site.

Upgrade to the Next Level group and enjoy the benefit of small group support with Geraldine and other practitioners first 3 Monday evenings of the month. You’ll set accountability framework and enjoy ongoing MasterMind sessions to keep you focused and aligned with a 3-month commitment.

The rollercoaster of starting out in business…
– Where to start?
– Who can help?
– How will you organise yourself?
– What do you need to do first?

6 weeks of support and education about moving out into business after the safety of college clinic, what you need to set up and how to structure your appointments now you’re alone and unsupported in the community. Many choose to move into the Graduate Program after finishing this course, as it’s given them so much help and encouragement when they need it. “It was great working with Geraldine – guidance on what we can do after University finishes”

“Without continual growth and progress, such words as – improvement, achievement and success have no meaning.

About Geraldine

I love to travel, and I spend a considerable amount of my time overseas. Originally from New Zealand, I travelled and lived in the UK for 15 years and have settled in Adelaide with hubby & 2 teenagers.

During my time abroad I helped with a surgical mission and decided nursing was for me.

After having my own children I decided I’d rather be a Naturopath – not that I knew what that was at first! Just that I knew I wanted to stop fighting fires and help at the start of peoples well-health journeys.

So initially I was a hospital nurse in a large teaching hospital, I then trained as a specialist advanced neonatal intensive care nurse. I loved the interaction with parents, supporting them in breastfeeding and the care of their infants and other children. I also enjoyed the adrenaline of the fast paced unit setting…

But my desire to learn more and to travel soon had me on the road again…

Next stop was Melbourne and the Royal Children’s hospital where I discovered graduates doing a graduate programme.

Unlike the UK where at the time you graduated and immediatly could be running a ward, they were in a structured programme. Admittedly my basic nursing training was very different in style, but not content. Here in Australia I was often the only nurse on the ward with additional advanced training and regularly gave clinical talks on the unit to the night staff.

Next stop was NZ and I became a research nurse, interesting, but it was soon time to move again and it was back to the UK with a small child…

Next Adelaide, a 2nd child, and a desire to get rid of the eczema which plagued her after bottlefeeding started… Naturopathy studies and Child Youth Health studies commenced… degree followed advanced diplomas… mentoring and lecturing started soon after.

After 25 years in the healthcare industry, multiple advanced diplomas, degree and post graduate diplomas, I have the knowledge and training to support you in your education journey. Whether that be the very start, the middle or on your return to the workforce.

Please join me in clinical mentorship that will support you and your clinical success and confidence into the future.

“Growth is painful. Change is painful. But, nothing is as painful as staying stuck where you do not belong.

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