College to Career - Bridging Program

College to Career – Bridging Program

This 6-week course is for you to gather your strategic direction in your business and operational future

The rollercoaster of starting out in business…
Where to start?
Who can help?
How will you organise yourself?
What do you need to do first?

6 weeks of support and education about moving out into business after the safety of college clinic, what you need to set up and how to use that business plan you wrote all that time ago!

Understanding how to use the resources on offer, how to charge, develop boundaries, structure an appointment – it’s very different without fellow students and lecturers around. Gaining the support, you need before you open your doors to the public, someone to ask questions of and bounce ideas off as you follow the roadmap to structure and success of seeing those first clients in your space. How to coach your client to success and develop your systems for future success.

Support developing your – 1:1 style … or group practice… or online practice… consulting the way you want to consult, in the space you want to be in. Reaching your dream without overwhelm, without doing what people say you ‘should be doing’, rather than what you want and value.

Being able to place your emphasis where you want to place it, with the support you need, when you finish at college you’ll be truly ready to start, where and when you want to start. Taking your vision and values and getting the support you need when you need it to get the bridge from college to career

During this time, you can start a mentorship project if you wish to, you can set out your goals and objectives for the future, working on your values and outcomes that align with you and your purpose in business and life.

My mentees make comments in posts about the support and encouragement that I give them and how they have grown as individuals as I support them in an entirely nonthreatening way. My style is positive and proactive you’ll feel relaxed and able to get on with your business after working with me.

The past 25 years has meant that I have a wealth of knowledge to share and nothing to prove, there is no showing off, no ‘one-upmanship’, just a support network you didn’t know you needed until you started to struggle, so let’s avoid the overwhelm and get started the way you want to for a successful future.

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