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Burnout & Exhaustion

The Course

How to explain burnout & exhaustion to your clients and yourself.

How to help your clients with the changes they need to support their health.

What about testing? Discussion? Research? Education around the subject of adrenal insufficiency.


Geraldine – Your Instructor

Integrating 25 years of paediatric nursing with a decade of naturopathy, Geraldine Headley uses her knowledge, humour and skill set to support both fellow practitioners and families around the globe.
Geraldine Headley is an integrative naturopath, hypnotherapist, herbalist & nutritionist based in Adelaide. She spent 25 years nursing in major hospitals, as well as 3rd-world communities around the globe, specialising in neonatal intensive care and paediatrics.
For the past decade Geraldine has dedicated her focus to complementary medicine, not just as a clinical practitioner, but as an educator and mentor.
In 2017 she rolled out her highly successful mentorship – The Graduate Program, and has since been nominated for the 2018 BioCeuticals Integrative Medicine Awards, as well as the 2018 Australian Naturopathic Summit Awards as Educator of the Year.
Her extensive industry knowledge allows her to easily bring her own experiences into her teaching, which promotes an unrivalled level of authenticity and guidance, confidence and nurturing with just a hint of sass, Geraldine has quickly become one of Australia’s most prolific mentors for new graduates both locally and internationally.