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Burnout & Exhaustion

How to explain burnout & exhaustion to your clients and yourself.
Want to know where the term ‘Adrenal Fatigue’ comes from any why it’s mocked in scientific circles?
Want to know the options out there to help them with burnout and recover their energy and sanity?
What about testing? Discussion? Research? Education around the subject of adrenal insufficiency.
This webinar will you, help your clients with the changes they need to support their health.

Geraldine – Your Instructor

Meet Geraldine and enjoy her style as you learn and focus, having spent the last 5 years as a lecturer in the Bachelor Health Science course, Geraldine has been able to keep students from falling asleep as well as keeping them focused and willing to learn!

Why not discover for yourself her style and laconic humour whilst you also gain CPE and insight into the prevenient condition – Burnout.