One on One Mentorship

One on One Mentorship


Sometimes we all need help and support from other practitioners in a hurry!

Once you have made contact and we’ve had your free 15 minute discovery chat. You will be able to join the one on one mentorship programme. During this programme we discuss your cases as and when you need support* (dependant on appointment availability)

Each appointment is 30 minutes and booked by you when you need it.

Using this service you are able to feel the support you need in times of stress. By supporting your critical thinking skills in real world time you won’t feel alone and abandoned as can happen in the current climate.

This is a defined support structure you can lean on when you need it. This opening up of communication channels means you are not only putting your clients best interests forward but also your own. Mentorship is an essential component to continuing your education in a productive and proactive way will support your business and help you to stay an the industry that has a poor retention rate often due to the stress involved in starting out without support. (CPE points available)

During this time you can start your mentorship project if you wish to or you can just leap on whenever you need support. If you are contacting me about a client and I can’t help then I will provide the referral that you need to a clinical specialist who can help you directly.

My mentees make comments in posts on private Facebook pages about the support and encouragement that I give them and how they have grown as individuals as I support them in an entirely nonthreatening way. My style is positive and proactive you’ll feel relaxed and able to get on with your business after speaking with me.

The past 25 years has meant that I have a wealth of knowledge to share and nothing to prove, there is no showing off, no ‘one-up-manship’, just a support network didn’t know you need, or perhaps was even out there for you until you heard about me.¬†

What has prompted you to read this far? How did you find me? But most of all, how are you feeling now? Why not apply for that discovery call and we can work things out together in a nonjudgemental way.