Online Courses

6-week training program and
2 Highly successful summits, now all available online – express your interest in the next live round and enjoy group questions and live support.

Having spent 25 years nursing in major hospitals, as well as 3rd-world communities around the globe, finally specialising in neonatal intensive care and paediatrics, I feel well placed to offer this training and support to practitioners online.

• Want to see more kids in practice?
• Already seeing kids but want to feel more confident?
• Ready to advance your practice and niche in family health?
• Want to be able to say Yes, and feel confident when your client asks you if you’ll see their child?
• Loved the Paediatric Online Summit and want more?
• Want to take your practice to the next level with your clients and have the confidence to do so?
• Want ongoing contact with Geraldine throughout the course? Here on Teachable and on Facebook.
• Each Mastery Course will follow on from the next, start at the beginning and discover the lifecycle of the child.
• Weekly online quiz to assess learning and areas of need.
• Outcomes include confidence and increased skill working with children, latest research base and traditional knowledge base increased.
• Self-paced learning – With live Q&A to discuss the topics presented and have your questions answered

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