Return to Work Mentorship

Graduate Mentorship

Why do I need a return to work programme?

The benefit of joining the programme, is that you are able to realise your critical thinking skills in real world situations with people in a similar situation.

This course has the benefit of providing access to support from within the industry, as you meet practitioners who have been in practice for 10+ years, providing a support structure you can lean on.

Sharing in the knowledge of those who have gone ahead of you, why re-invent the wheel each time you see a client? The practitioners who are invited to speak understand that success happens through sharing our knowledge with the next generation of practitioners.

This is not just theoretical but practical knowledge and supervision provided in a very modern way over the internet once a week, with additional supervision available as required out of term time.

Understanding the application of clinical case studies, how to present a case and workshop that case with others, detailing the client, your observations, questions, leads to open discussion and sharing in a non-judgemental and supportive environment.

By opening up channels of communication participants like yourself can gain an understanding of cases not available to you prior to now, and reingage your knowledge and skills so that you can feel supported during this critical phase of getting back to work.

This new return to work programme is designed by an industry leader who understands your immediate needs. I am a lecturer and clinic supervisor, as well as supporting practitioners on a one-to-one basis for the past 10 years. Teaching in practical hospital settings in the UK and Australia prior to becoming a naturopath means my skills are strong and diverse with an extensive clinical background spanning 25 years. And I’ve been there, I’ve had to return to work twice, and I’ve moved country multiple times so I’ve changed environments more often than most, so I do understand how you are feeling right now.

Depending on numbers you may be in a graduate programme, but the programme will have additional input for your specific needs as a return to work


How each week works

Each week you bring your cases to be workshopped by the group, using the case study format provided, this ensures only relevant de-identified information is shared and discussed with the group. A case study will be provided to be workshopped if needed. Participants cases need to be emailed 2 days prior to the workshops for discussion.


Each week is 1.5 hours this consist of

  1.     Minimum half hour dedicated to your clients and discussion
  2.     One hour dedicated to the system/organ function of the week along with a relevant case study.
  3.     Three – four times per term specialists are invited to share their knowledge and a case with you to workshop as well as discuss your and other cases for one hour.
  4.     Four – five times per term we workshop cases together as well as the presented cases to gain greater insight into each individual case.
  5.      Only experts currently working successfully in the field will be invited to participate in the group and only in their specialist fields.
  6.      Supporting your client using herbal medicine as well as nutritional medicine and lifestyle change will be workshopped.
  7.       Not every participant will have a case to bring each week, however you will be expected to provide at least 2 during each term, but these won’t be timetables, they are up to you to ask about your case and discuss it further so you get the most out of the course.


How the semester works

Each term is broken into 8 week blocks during the school term, this will mean that there shouldn’t be an overlap of school holidays and our terms, the reason for 8 per term is due to the differences of the States and their school term times, and lots of you are parents who need time with your family, but we also need a break! During this time more one-on-one sessions will be made available so you can call for support anytime you need it.

Each semester has 2 terms; the first semester is group workshopping with niche experts in each field. These are successful practitioners in their fields who are happy to share their knowledge in a non-challenging way.

The second semester will again focus on case-reviews and again experts will be invited to join the group and share their knowledge. In addition, each student participant will be encouraged to produce a project that demonstrates greater knowledge in a particular area or niche. Each participant will be supported and encouraged to build their business and use this time to gain that much-needed support as we take a greater business focus for each participant’s development.

Group size will be no more than 12 participants so you will get maximum benefit. Bonuses will occur during the term as need arises and I seek them out on your behalf.

You can repeat the year as often as you want or need to, as each session is unique.

It will be expected that you will commit for the whole year,  payment plans are available on request.