Summer School

Summer School

Over the summer it can be difficult to get the support you need with clinical cases, so we’ve put together summer school!

This summer school is for new graduates as well as those returning to work.

These are some of the comments I’ve been hearing from new graduates and those returning to work after an absence, comments about being “thrown in the deep end” and “no one there to help when I need it”. How new practitioners “need to know how to support clients and complex cases”,  and those returning to work often comment “I feel out of my depth at times and I need someone to hold my hand and remind me I can do  it!” but the problem of course is “I can’t afford one-on-one mentoring right now as I build my business, but I still need the support of an experienced practitioner on a regular basis”.

Well, we’re here and we’ve got your back! Hospitals provide a very clear pathway in training all clinicians, graduate pathways, graduate programmes, grand rounds…

Naturopaths, Herbalists and Nutritionists however have no such pathway to follow and have to fend for themselves. Coming from a nursing background and my many years in Naturopathy, I can see what we are missing out on for our graduates, our next generation, our future for the planet and all its people.

Welcome to the Graduate Programme Summer School!

Benefits of Clinical Mentoring with Geraldine

Benefits of joining mean that you join a group of like-minded individuals who will support you on your journey as you support them. We will have a facebook group dedicated to the group as well as regular online group meetings. There is a maximum of 12 per group and each memeber will recieve a 10% discount with BioConcepts education platform and a welcome kit*

Summer school is a way to get support when everyone is on holiday and you still have clients.

What will we do?

Each week we will go through your cases and if you don’t have any that need discussion we will go through one that I present, the point is that everyone participates and we will be workshopping the clinical cases together. No question is too small or too silly. We will look at all aspects of every case and cover herbs and interactions, diet, lifestyle and any aspect of the case that needs attention… including return visits and how to approach not just the case but the person who is the case.



BioConcepts have given each new student a 10% discount on their Education Centre so we have access to not only all their free webinars, but also the nutrient tracker and interaction checker. They have also offered to send out information packs to each participant on the course. This is a wonderful oppourtunity to use this amazing resource at a discounted rate for 2018… not just for summer school!

The Bonus session is Introduction to Buteyko Breathing, way back when, we were taught Buteyko Breathing as part of our undergraduate training. This information has been priceless to me as a practitioner and will be to you as you travel through your learning journey.

When & Where?

Tuesday December 5th 2017

Tuesday December 19th 2017

Wednesday 10th January 2018

Wednesday 24th January 2018

Bonus Session- Wednesday January 31st

Depending on demand, either 8am or 4pm CST (there’s a silly half hour involved in Central Standard Time) via Zoom Room, the sessions are a set, not individual.

How to apply

Just click above or below!

You’ll need to send in a copy of your degree/diploma or graduation certificate along with your association membership number and certificate. You’ll also be asked to tell me a little bit about yourself and your interests. I’ll need your phone number so we can have a chat to check this is right for you.

CPE available